Works: Reflections on Failure

September 16-November 12, 2016

Opening reception on September 16th, 2016 between 6:00-9:00PM.

Curated by Osman Can Yerebakan


Radiator Gallery is pleased to present Works: Reflections on Failure, a group exhibition

featuring works by Daniel A. Bruce, Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos, Ahmet Civelek, Jennifer

Grimyser, Tim Etchells, Dana Stirling, Juliette Dumas, Shannon Finnegan, Kay Rosen, Christina

Massey and George Spencer. Curated by Osman Can Yerebakan, the exhibition brings together

eleven contemporary artists working in a wide variety of mediums, investigating the notion of

failure in contemporary art.


Offering a platform to survey the relationship between the artist, the artwork and the audience;

failure suggests a study on the artistic drive, contextual meaning, and viewer expectation. Inspired

by the late artist and author Édouard Levé’s book Works, in which he gathered more than five-

hundred artistic ideas he aimed to bring into fruition, the exhibition scrutinizes the ambiguous

border separating success from downfall. Levé’s candid devotion for creativity—leading to such

accumulation of ideas that eventually failed to be executed—projects an inquisitive mind’s strive

for achievement, as well as his bold undertaking of potential failures. The exhibition not only

studies the assumption of defeat as creative means, but also juxtaposes its various depictions in

contemporary art. Approaching the topic from various angles, artworks on view respond to

unsuccessfulness through different channels, among which are viewer expectation, emotional

investment, and risk-taking.


The exhibition will remain on view through November 12, 2016. Radiator Gallery is located on

10-61 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11106. The gallery hours are Friday and Sunday 1-

6 PM or anytime by appointment.