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Dana Levy, Enrique Ramirez, Aaron Cohen, Erica Stoller.


archaic, literary

A magician or learned person.

Oxford Dictionary


This exhibition brings together a group of artists and works the focus our attention on how past and present technologies create a mysticism around their functions that is akin to magic. Historically a mage was defined as someone who possessed certain types of knowledge, a learned person that can manipulate things around them to achieve the desired effect of their spell. Today our lack of understanding regarding our technologies and the opacity they present leaves us in a position of impotence, while interventionist know-how would be able to take us a long way.

The artists included in the exhibition take a poetic stance regarding this opacity and project towards the past, present and future interpretations of the tools of the mage.


Mage presents the work of Aaron Cohen, Dana Levy, Enrique Ramírez, and Erica Stoller.

The exhibition is the New York premiere of “Pipelines and Sinkholes” by Levy and “Un Hombre que Camina” by Ramírez “Un Hombre que Camina”, which was commissioned for the 2017 Venice Biennale “Viva, Arte Viva.”