Category: Upcoming

Interdependency now

Opening: February 21, 2020

On View: February 21 to April 3, 2020



Juanli Carrion 

Eirini Linardaki 

Jenny Marketou

Vincent Parisot

Peter Soriano

fanzines and editions : 

Julien Gardair

Tattfoo Tan 

Interdependency means to learn from one another; to take care of one another; to cultivate human exchanges; to change perspectives; to overcome differences in experiences of everyday life. One of the things contemporary art can help make visible is how creativity resides within our society in multiple ways. 

This group exhibition brings together artists who engage in transformative, participatory and collaborative practices that reveal art to be constituted by active social structures operating behind the scenes in everyday life. The artists see interdependence as fundamental to collective art processes because they reflect the ways in which people rely on each other to form functioning communities.