The Left Over Method

Sept 6th – Oct 13th, 2013

Opening Friday, Sept 6th 2013 6 – 9PM

Curated by Marion Daniel

Artists: Chloé Dugit-Gros, Morgane Fourey, Benjamin Hochart, Florentine & Alexandre Lamarche-Ovize, Marion Robin, Aurélie Sement, Olivier Soulerin.

La Couleuvre (Saint-Ouen, 93, France) and Radiator Gallery (New York, United States) are two independent contemporary art spaces that organize an exchange. Two exhibition projects are being presented in New York (September 6th, 2013) and in Saint-Ouen, (September 20th, 2013): The Left Over Method, i.e. the «remains method» or what to bring with you? What do you move when change your location? How the practice transforms, adapts, changes radically – or not?

The concept:

An exhibition of young artists living in France will take place in New York. In conjunction, an exhibition of Radiator Gallery artists living in New York will be held in Saint-Ouen, near Paris. The goal of the endeavor is not to repeat the Paris show in New York or vice-versa, but to examine what it means today in an environment of globalization and virtuality to move from one place to another. What does it mean to move the location of the workshop, to move the place of one’s practice?

The questions asked each time are: How does your work change when it changes location? What is most important for you in the move? Is it a necessity? What does the move change in your art practice?

What do we keep?

A series of further questions was asked of the two groups of artists: What work do you choose to show when transportation conditions are minimal? How do you intend to show this work? How do you adapt it to the new situation? How does this work communicate the place, and the moving from one point to another?

Presentation of the artists from Paris in New York

Chloé Dugit-Gros (born in 1981) is a sculptor as well as a drawer and a video artist who is developing a video work that moves shapes and objects in front of the camera to create a kind of ephemeral sculptures always moving. She will present two of her latest video creations.

Morgane Fourey (born 1984) plays on the ambiguity between the object and its image and working on the issue of scam and truth – false items. In this recent work , she has worked on everything that makes the perks of art : Packing and particles, wedging plaster or marble cardboard, plasterboard , painted plaster. She will propose a specific project to Radiator Gallery.

Benjamin Hochart (born in 1982) is working with different media such as drawing, sculpture and painting. He invented a method of drawing based on a musical approach (Dodecaphonies, Noise drawings, etc.). He is also working with choreographs. He will be showing some editions directly connected with his work processes.

Florentine & Alexandre Lamarche-Ovize (born in 1978 and 1980) are a couple of artists adopting a singular language where plastic research mixes painting, sculpture, drawing and photography. They will be showing a graphic “diary” which took form in their studio near Paris and will exist as a different piece in the space of Radiator Gallery.

Marion Robin (born 1981) is developing a pictorial work that takes shape based on poetics of places. She is interested in the details of the architecture that she amplifies, remakes and diverts. She will intervene directly in the space at Radiator Gallery.

Aurélie Sement (born 1982): is a video artist. Her films are about architecture, worksites, gestures of people working, etc. She is working on spaces being created. “Poussière” (Dust) proposes a poetical approach of an intermediate location, where we don’t know exactly what is seen and unseen.

Olivier Soulerin (born in 1973) operates his practice by producing paintings, sculptures, drawings and videos. His abstract vocabulary is based on a very accurate observation of reality. He will propose drawings and a wall painting in connection with the space of Radiator Gallery.

The places:

La Couleuvre i n Saint-Ouen is a collective of artists ( Frédérique Lucien, Philippe Richard, Pierre Mabille, Olivier Soulerin) and theorist (Marion Daniel), which organizes four exhibitions per year: an exchange with another organization in France or abroad , a carte blanche to a curator or artist-curator and a group exhibition made by one of the members.

La Couleuvre also has a library, subjective library, which hosts each projects works on paper or multiples and is also a white card to publishers (young Lefthand editions, for example). La Couleuvre organizes cinema screenings between exhibitions , two of the members being actresses (Elina Löwensohn, Romanian-born French-American) and a director (Bertrand Mandico).

Radiator Gallery is a venue in Long Island City that is run by artist Tamas Veszi. The gallery provides local and international curators and artist-curators an opportunity to work within a multi-disciplinary setting. Radiator recently partnered with the Embassy of Israel to exhibit a project by the artist Guy Goldstein and collaborated with Art Market Budapest to present works by Hungarian photographers. For each project, the gallery organizes numerous special events, readings and discussions.


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We cannot display this gallery