Interdependency Now – One on One Instagram LIVE Interview with Jenny Marketou and Adele Eisenstein – Part 2

Radiator Gallery invites you to the eighth conversation of our LIVE series.                    

 Wednesday, June 30th from 4PM to 5PM EDT.

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 Dear Friends,

 Interdependency Now – One on One is an Instagram Live Series highlighting artists from our current show
 and generating ongoing meaningful and relevant dialogue with our guests. 
 This Tuesday, June 30th, we will be hosting the second part of the conversation between the artist and

 educator Jenny Marketou and independent curator Adele Eisenstein.

 After four months of lockdown, Jenny Marketou will be speaking from the gallery space, revisiting her work
 Ever Growing through my City, 
that takes on new meaning in this time of social and cultural unrest. 
 They will continue the conversation begun previously, focusing on protocols and infrastructures of interdependence, 
 care and knowledge production, and how the ideas and principles behind them extend beyond the physical to the
 virtual space in Marketou’s art practice. We hope you can join us to put your questions into action.

 This event occurs in anticipation of the reopening of Radiator Gallery on July 15, and the Interdependency
 exhibition. Starting that day, the gallery will work by appointment only, for a limited number of visitors.


About the exhibition  Interdependency now:

 Artists: Eirini Linardaki, Jenny Marketou,
 Vincent Parisot, Peter Soriano

 Fanzines and editions: Julien Gardair, Tattfoo Tan
 Interpretive participation by Maria Dimanshtein

 Curated by Eirini Linardaki and Jenny Marketou

Planning the exhibition Interdependency Now, the co-curators and participating artists Eirini Linardaki and Jenny Marketou examined ideas of interdependency, participation, and collaboration in relation to art and social practice. How could they create sustainable relations among the exhibition’s artists and curators, and, most importantly, with an audience drawn from the many diverse communities that co-exist in New York City’s five boroughs? 
Interdependency suggests learning from and taking care of one another and acknowledging the ways in which we need support. No one stands alone. In contrast to dependency, interdependency connects us to each other in powerful ways, helping us to overcome differences and embrace new perspectives. As the philosopher and gender theorist Judith Butler argues, social interdependency is a great leveler; it naturally leads to greater equality and emancipation.
Interdependency Now aims to use contemporary art to make evident the ways in which we are all interdependent. The exhibition, which runs from February 21 at Radiator Gallery in Long Island City, features the works of four artists working collaboratively: Eirini LinardakiVincent ParisotJenny Marketou, and Peter Soriano.