Performance Program Series on Instagram Live

“Home Room” Curated by Audra Lambert (Editor-in-Chief, ANTE mag)
at Radiator Gallery, 10-61 Jackson Ave Long Island City, NY 11106

Group Exhibition on view Spring 2021 featuring participating artists (exact dates TBD)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE    Radiator Gallery, in partnership with ANTE mag, is proud to announce the cohort of artists selected for a 2020 Fall presentation schedule and 2021 Spring group exhibition for the multidisciplinary art program:  Home Room . The term  Home Room  conjures, in a sense, the academic calendar, while “home” and “room” taken individually both allude to the restricted environment we have experienced in the wake of the CoVid-19 shutdown. In this current moment, artists have faced restrictions on how work can be presented and where they are able to produce work, resulting in both innovative solutions in terms of medium and method of working, along with seeking a new sense of connection with cultural producers in the field via remote channels. The juxtaposition of restriction and innovation occurring in the wake of this global pandemic have exposed new opportunities for artists to transcend the existing limits of their daily practice. Performative acts occur Dec 2020 with a group show date  TBD .

Artists selected to present performative acts and exhibit related artworks Spring 2021 include:
Katina Bitsicas, 
András Böröcz,  Ligia Bouton, KS Brewer, Graciela Cassel, Bryan Clavel, Donna Cleary, Shana Crawford, Rachel Garber Cole, Neil Daigle-Orians, Jacki Davis, Michal Gavish, Judy Giera, Kahori Kamiya, e.Ko & Helixx C. Armageddon, Kesha Lagniappe, Barbara Lubliner, Joe Nanashe, Rebecca Poarch, Liv Schwenk, Caito Stewart, and Sato Yamamoto.

The projected December schedule of programming below (all accessible via Instagram Live: @radiatorarts )

December 6th, 2020 4 Presentations from 6:15-8 pm : Graciela Cassel, Sato Yamamoto, Liv Schwenk and Caito Stewart
December 9th2020 4 Presentations from 6:15-8 pm : Katina Bitsicas, Michal Gavish, Neil Daigle-Orians and  András Böröcz

December 13th, 2020 from 6:15-9:30 (2 sessions, 20 minute break between)
3 Presentations for Session 1: Shana Crawford, Jacki Davis and Rebecca Poarch
3 Presentations for Session 2: Kahori Kamiya, Joe Nanashe and Rachel Garber Cole

December 16th, 2020 from 6:15-9:30 (2 sessions, 20 minute break between)
4 Presentations for Session 1: Barbara Lubliner, Judy Giera, Donna Cleary and Ligia Bouton
4 Presentations for Session 2: KS Brewer, e.Ko & Helixx C. Armageddon, Bryan Clavel and Kesha Lagniappe

Radiator Gallery , located at 10-61 Jackson Ave in Long Island City, Queens,counts 8 years of providing local and international emerging and mid-career artists and curators a chance of learning the operations of a multi-disciplinary organization. The gallery presents contemporary art exhibitions, performances, and video programs and is led by artists Tamas Veszi (b. Hungary) and Daniela Kostova (b. Bulgaria), who run the gallery and mount programs engaging with international exchange.

Audra Lambert is a curator and founder,  ANTE mag : an NYC-based online platform and publication founded in 2014. Lambert’s work as a curator and editor strives to showcase emerging contemporary art in the US and abroad.

About Audra Lambert:
Audra Lambert (b. 1987 Mississippi, raised in New Orleans) is an Independent Curator based in New York City since 2005 and Director, Amos Eno Gallery. She is Founder and Editor-in-Chief, ANTE mag and curatorial platform (est. 2014), which helms curatorial programs at The Yard, Williamsburg Bridge. ANTE mag is anchored in a multicultural lens and provides a platform for under the radar, critically engaged artists. Lambert’s curatorial projects include “Intrinsic” at The Yard, Williamsburg Bridge; “Hey, Wow: Works by Oded Halahmy” at the Center for Jewish History; “Re-Orientations”at the Living Gallery, “Other Homes” at Arsenal Gallery and more. She studied in the Master’s Art History program at City College of NY and is will complete her MA., Art History and Visual Culture at Lindenwood University (Spring 2021.)