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Brunch / Artist Meet & Greet

Sunday, March 11 at 11:30 am 
Join us for brunch at Radiator Gallery and meet and greet artists Maria Dimanshtein, JF Lynch, Nicholas Fraser and curator Patrick Neal who will be on hand to discuss the work in Night Regulation. The discussion will examine the role text plays in the artists’ own works, elaborating on forms of messaging, poetry and drawing as part of an artworks gestalt. The event will examine the existence of words within the context of the exhibition and studio practice in general, opening up the conversation to audience participation.

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Night Regulation: Literati

Friday, March 30 at 7 pm 
While the exhibition Night Regulation considers a unique subset of possibilities where visual artists incorporate text into the substance of their works, Night Regulation: Literati will examine the flipside of this practice; poets and writers who work in relation to the visual arts. Teaching in art schools, working as practicing artists, collecting artwork or performing themselves, the evening will include readings by authors Maria Dimanshtein, Jeremy Sigler, Paige Taggart and Jeffrey Cyphers Wright. By contemplating and observing art and the creative process as facets of life, the writers similarly ponder varied aspects of the human condition, weaving these themes into poetry, stories, comedy and tragedy.

Check out a live feed video from the event here.