Interdependency now – One on One, Live interview with Eirini Linardaki

Radiator Gallery invites you to the first conversation of our LIVE series.                      
 Wednesday, April 29th from 4PM EDT.
Join us via  RariatorArts Instagram

  Dear Friends,

  Interdependency Now – One on One is an Instagram Live Series highlighting artists 
  from our current show.  The first conversation will be an interview between
  Radiator’s founder Tamas Veszi and artist Eirini Linardaki. Eirini is an artist working between 
  Greece, France and New York, currently located in Crete with her family. 

  Joies insoupçonnables : Eirini Linardaki

  Eirini Linardaki was born in Athens and studied in Limerick L.I.T., Ireland, Berlin and 
  Marseille. She lived in France for more than twenty years before moving to the island of Crete,
  where she is based now, developing projects within the city and questioning the relation
  between public policy and art.

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