Interdependency Now – One on One Instagram LIVE Interview with Julien Gardair and Eirini Linardaki

Radiator Gallery invites you to the fourth conversation of our LIVE series.    
 Wednesday, May 2oth from 4PM to 5PM EDT.
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  Dear Friends,

  Interdependency Now – One on One is an Instagram Live Series highlighting artists from our current show. 
  This Wednesday, May 20, we will be hosting a conversation
 between the artist and curator Eirini Linardaki and artist
  Julien Gardair.
  Julien Gardair will talk about his ongoing series Surprise included in the Interdependency show and how the subscription model can empower artists and build lasting relationships. Born and raised in France, Julien Gardair is based in Brooklyn since 2007. He develops a proteiform practice varying from cut out, drawings, and paintings to public art and immersive site-specific video installations. He builds contradictory spaces where a diversity of cultures and histories meet to stimulate new interpretations. When our situation permits, next time you go down to the beach, stop by the 18th Avenue and Kings Highway stations on the F line, and enjoy a moment on one of the sculptural benches he recently finished for the MTA Arts & Design program.

Eirini Linardaki
was born in Athens and studied in Limerick L.I.T., Ireland, Berlin, and Marseille. She lived in France for more than twenty years. She is now developing projects within the city and questioning the relationship between public policy and art.

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