Interdependency Now – One on One Instagram LIVE Interview with Eirini Linardaki and Tattfoo Tan.

Radiator Gallery invites you to the fourth conversation of our LIVE series.     
 Wednesday, May 27th from 4PM to 5PM EDT.
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  Dear Friends,
Interdependency Now – One on One is an Instagram Live Series highlighting artists from our current show. 
This Wednesday, May 27, we will be hosting a conversation between the artist and curator Eirini Linardaki and artist Tattfoo Tan.
About Tattfoo Tan:
Throughout my art practice, I employed the process of Learn, Practice, Teach. The result of the process is a syllabus book. This is the fourth book that I wrote. This book should be used as an exercise book, write your name on the front page and keep answering the prompt in the book, they appear in rounded corner boxes. Keep researching words or topics that you are intrigued with. The book itself flows from duality to nonduality.

It was based on my own experiences learning this knowledge and practice. The book is best used during my New Earth Ceremony because I’ll be able to walk you over each page and you can go home and do the exercise. Since my art practice are socially based and the exhibition is static, this book becomes the bridge. The reader will be able to activate all the practices without the artist present. Hopefully, it will be a catalyst in further your exploration into the mystery of life. In short, it is a spiritual hero’s journey of self-realization, as the ancient sage would call it: enlightenment.

Eirini Linardaki was born in Athens and studied in Limerick L.I.T., Ireland, Berlin, and Marseille. She lived in France for more than twenty years. She is now developing projects within the city and questioning the relationship between public policy and art.

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